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In 2021, a million minutes of video content will cross the internet every second (Cisco, 2017). Yours needs to stand out.

And if you don’t have a video presence then it is time for change.

Let’s start with interesting facts to give you some reasons why marketers need video content more than ever.

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand product. (HubSpot)


Today’s consumers and businesses are less responsive to traditional communications strategies.

Instead, an internet search helps them to find the best product in their neighborhood –

or even in the world. And videos excel at giving customers an up-close look at a product or service.


By 2021 over 80% of all Internet traffic will consist of video. (Cisco)

Search engine algorithms favour videos because they see them as high-quality content.

Using videos in various types of content as well as on your main web pages can significantly improve SEO.


By 2021 live video will account for 13% of traffic. (Cisco)

Staying competitive is crucial. Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are both great for offering people intimate glimpses or short,

personal glances of what you’re up to and they are so great for creative tools.

They create more of a real-time feel.  Real-time, ephemeral content is great for:

  • Offering a feel of face-to-face interaction
  • Building brand trust
  • Offering audiences casual, interesting updates (e.g. behind the scenes)


     81% of businesses are now using video for marketing. (HubSpot)

A concise, engaging explainer video is a particularly effective way of educating people about the ins and outs of a product.

By using storytelling and unique types of media you can easily catch people’s attention and hold it while they’re actually entertained.

Consumers live their lives in a sea of content and there is a risk that any content

not correctly designed or initiated will become swamped and lost.


90% of consumers claim a video will help

them make a purchasing decision. (Social Media Today) 

Ultimately, video boosts conversation. Moving pictures create greater reactions than still pictures.

Landing pages are great places to place videos, too.  Another reason why video is great for conversions on

websites is that they keep people around for long enough to look around on the site.



Where are the opportunities?

  • Create a YouTube Channel. YouTube is the second most popular website after Google
  • Refresh hero video: make it exciting, problem/solution
  • Achievement video: what’s been done, what’s next?
  • Recruitment video
  • Case studies: let customers tell the story, show people not just graphics
  • Transition from showing “how your company works” to explaining why, and what’s in it for the clients



Video is one of the most popular content forms in the world and let’s face it – it won’t change anytime soon. We are craving connection and personality even though we are always on our phones and computers. We want to see and hear people in a real-life context – it’s meaningful, believable, human.

Video is not only fun but gives your audience an insight of the people behind the business, behind the screens, behind the phone. It is the best way to give your audience a glimpse of you and your business. Without a doubt it will create more trust or at least nudge their curiosity to reach out and find out more.

The main thing here is to also think past revenue and product – show them something about your viewpoint, or share some information on an interesting event, or offer some valuable insight information. The more they know about you, what you do and your practices, the more likely they are to stick around.



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