Vodaphone Foundation

Tate Britain AR
About This Project

Project title – Tate Britain AR

Brief – “Celebrate 20 years of the Vodafone Foundation’s charitable works, and underline Vodafone’s enabling credentials.

Creative – The creative was all specially originated by us for the event with three pieces designed to bring works of art to life in the gallery, two pieces designed to illustrate the wonderful work the Foundation does and a final piece that bought Vodafone’s Formula One partnership to life with McLaren. We worked closely with the Tate’s curators to understand the stories behind the art and the Foundation to unearth some of the amazing works they do around the World.

To the best of our knowledge this was the first time AR had been used in this way. Combining sophisticated AR files,sound and video, compressing 300 mbs of data to 38 mbs and wrapping all six experiences in a single mobile android App was a technical challenge. The lighting in the Tate was tasteful, on brand but dark so we needed to use the best software available that would create a sticky experience (D’Fusion 3.2). The art in many cases has glass covered frames and the scale of some of the pieces meant that the experience would need to be viewed from multiple angles; this allowed us to create rich stories and animation and encouraged guests to view the experience in the round. The F1 car experience was near full scale the bodywork reflective and the results amazing. The two Foundation pieces were impactful and emotional.