HD Video Brochure
About This Project

Projec title – HD Video Brochure

Brief – “Create content and manage the design and production of a video brochure to sell to 30,000 apartment’s owner across the USA.”

Creative – From concept to delivery this project was groundbreaking and needed to reflect the seismic shift that the re-launch of the ILS was bringing to the apartments rental market. In personalising 30,000 video brochures targeted at apartments owners all across the USA we told the story from their perspective, and excited them about what the launch could offer them.

To maximise the impact of the campaign, CoStar Group engaged A-Vision, a UK based agency, to produce a B2B campaign to promote the website to apartments owners and explained the revolution that was about to hit the industry.

Rather than develop a standard mail-shot, A-Vision developed a video-based communication– the videos ran to 6 minutes over four distinct and heavily animated chapters, illustrating CoStar’s winning combination of information & marketing services.

Video brochures have been used for several years but recent improvements in screen quality and storage capacity have dramatically increased the impact and performance of the medium. For example, we specified a 7” widescreen display–this delivered breathtaking video quality, with bright, white backlighting, high contrast from multiple viewing angles and rich, true colours.

Video Production involved a team of a 12 animators, smoke, flame, scripting and originally composed music. Video Card production and fulfilment in China and the USA involved combined teams of over 100 people.