Commercial & Viral
About This Project

Project title – Awareness

Brief – “Kaspersky Internet Security faced a challenge to drive brand awareness and credibility. Outside Russia, Media Therapy to come up with a campaign strong enough to drive the brand’s presence across critical global digital touch points, without the need for media support.

Creative – The concept was to create a video which played on the target consumers’ interest in puzzles and intellectual curiosities. Whilst the consumer was distracted by a simple numerical game, Kaspersky would demonstrate how easy it is for cyber criminals to extract your information whilst your concentration is focused elsewhere. The video’s share-ability would lie not only in its compelling message, but also in its propensity to manipulate the viewer, i.e. “Try this – I was/wasn’t fooled – will you be?” The video’s audience retention also remained at a very successful 82.4% (or 1:14) throughout the duration of the campaign. Reaching the target audience meant an extremely high number of ‘Likes’, Favourites, Comments and Shares on YouTube as well as Facebook. This is further exemplified in the wide range of positive comments and outreach feedback.