Launch AR
About This Project

Project title – Launch AR

Brief – “Using face tracking allow the viewer to become a Transformer!”

Creative – We were pleased to be involved in one of the most successful pieces of AR to date, Transformers ‘We Are Autobots’. Working with International film marketing agency ‘Picture Production Company’ Pimento Vision helped to bring to life their concept of an online face tracking experience that literally turned the audience member into the Autobot’s leader, Optimus Prime. PPC’s campaign involved taking a fully detailed CGI model that was used in the Paramount Pictures release of Transformers 2, and creating a perfectly detailed yet far smaller version which would run on everyday PCs.

With 82,000 hits within its first week alone, the experience has now had over 3.2 million. As well as this, the experience has also proven to be a viral video success with more than 427,000 hits to date.